Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa was born and raised in New York, and has been the rock of Sports radio
WFan 660 AM and now 101.9FM in New York for over 25 years. First hired in 1987 to do a weekend show and fill in for other
hosts, he soon became a permanent fixture in the afternoon drive slot as part of the “Mike and the Mad Dog
” program running from 1989-2008. Since Chris Russos’ exit from the show in August of 2008,
Mike Francesa has continued in Afternoon Drive as host of “Mike’d Up”
(Now Mike’s On” in the same time slot. Francesa has also hosted the Sunday Morning program “The NFL Now”
(Now “Mike Francesa’s Football Sunday” on WFan since 1987.

Listen to WFan online.


Both of Mike Francesas radio shows can also be seen on the YES Network. Francesa announced recently that he would be leaving his #1 Sunday Night show on NBC, “ Mike’d Up, the Francesa Sport Final ” to spend more time with his family.

The following video features a classic argument between Mike and the Mad Dog hosts Mike Francesa and Chris Russo.




There has been increased criticism of Mike Francesa in recent years. Many listeners of his current show contend that Francesa has become increasingly abrasive with callers since the 2008 split with Chris Russo. Never one to shy away from confrontation on air, Francesa has reached a new level of “zero tolerance” for nonsense according to these fans. There has even been evidence of strife between Boomer and Carton and Mike Francesa, and internet rumors of WFan planning to remove Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa auditioned for Monday Night Football in 2000, but MNF hired Dennis Miller over him. Francesa refuses to answer questions or publicly address this issue in any way.

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  1. It utterly amazes me how people could still listen to Mike and actually hold his knowledge of sports in any reverence. Especially his self acclaimed sports handicapping skills! Lol! Mike loves to refer to athletes as so, so at various levels but he forgets that he doesn’t nor ever had an athletic bone in his body and that ALL athletes, college and pro are range from above average to great. Mike also has to realize that without callers he would never have the this sweet over paid gig that only happens in America. I am not asking him to compromise his beliefs or his livelihood for anyone who is rude, obnoxious and inappropriate but it is ironic that he is and has been guilty of all I just mentioned. Grow up Mike and start being more appreciative. Respect others and take accountability for your actions ands lastly just admit when you are not good at something like handicapping sports. YOU ARE TERRIBLE AT IT. HOW DO I KNOW? BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING. KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW AND STICK TO IT BUT AS OF RECENT THAT ISN’T MUCH OF ANYTHING OTHER THAN BEING SARCASTIC AND NASTY TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE PARTLY LARGELY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS!

  2. Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike……..
    It’s not hump day …….It’s Joe Paterno day baby !!!

    You were very hard on Joe when the story broke out and I think you owe Joe and the Penn State family an apology.

    The problem was the way you kept injecting Joe’s name into the story even more than Sandusky. Joe Paterno is your Jimmy the Greek Moment . The Sons of Italy know about your witch hunt for an iconic Italian American.

    409 baby !!!

    P.S. The statue will be coming back very soon !

    You can also tell that Bitc* that you had covering Penn state for you that she can sit on Joe’s Lap when the bench is put out.


    Joe’s Ghost

  3. Belichick’s eyes

    Watch his eyes during his interview today

    He’s not telling the truth

    You can bet on it

  4. The answer you gave during the Super Bowl contest was wrong.Your answer was Terry Bradshaw and Tom Brady as the only 2 MVP of the Super Bowl with the same initials.Wrong.You forgot John Riggins and Jerry Rice.

  5. Unlike Tony C. I think Mike has a backbone. Look at the other Sportscasters and Analysts blowing fluff up everyone’s butts over Deflate Gate. Everyone is afraid the NFL will blackball them and they won’t admit to the truth. The truth is New England should go by the Cheatriots namesake. They have not earned one win in the past 12 years. Everyone probably was nailed down through some type of cheating. When their owner Bob Crapft has Commish Roger Goody over to his house you know nothing impartial will happen. Mike is smart and impartial enough to use logic and meet the issue head on. Chris Mortensen…just as well give Roger Goody a handy and then kiss his brown eye. The Cheatriots get fined $500K for 7 years of cheating and some players are fined 4 game checks which is FAR more $$$ than the fine that N.E. received. How is that fair or impartial Goody? Goody probably wears a Cheatriot jersey to bed.

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